Spiritual Awakening poetry from a Sufi master Sufi Poetry by Hafiz

Hafiz: Inner Guidance & Mysticism
A Tethered Falcon

My heart sits on the Arm of God
Like a tethered falcon
Suddenly unhooded.

Sufi Poetry by Hafiz

I am now blessedly crazed
Because my Master's Astounding Effulgence
Is in constant view.

Spiritual Consciousness

My piercing eyes,
Which have searched every world
For Tenderness and Love,
Now lock on the Royal Target--
The Wild Holy One
Whose Beauty Illuminates Existence.

Sufi Poetry by Hafiz

My soul endures a magnificent longing.

Spiritual Awakening

I am a tethered falcon
With great wings and sharp talons poised,
Every sinew taut, like a Sacred Bow,
Quivering at the edge of my Self
And Eternal Freedom,

Spiritual Guidance

Though still held in check By a miraculous
Divine Golden Cord.

Spiritual Consciousness

Beloved, I am waiting for You to free me
Into Your Mind
And Infinite Being.
I am pleading in an absolute helplessness
To hear, finally, your Words of Grace:
Fly! Fly into Me!

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