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Waking Up

Of course most of us
wake up slowly, slowly,
one eye growing wider & clearer,
while the other stays firmly fixed
on the dream we were just enjoying.
We thought that dream was real,
and we long for its coziness,
its hypnotic liquid motion.

Spiritual Inspiration

Still, one eye is partly open.
Too late to sink back fully into the dream.
Not knowing quite what to do,
we burrow deeper into our blankets,
borrowing their warmth
And sigh over the brightness
of the sun.
Oh yes, we want the sun,
all of us want the sun.
But not yet, not yet.
Not at the expense
of comfort.

Spiritual Inspiration

It's not that we are foolish.
It's just that we don't trust the New
and we don't know for sure
that even sweet dreams carry less joy
than Oneness.
So we pause.

Spiritual Inspiration

And yet,
the Awakening will happen.
God does not leave us loitering
in dark alleys forever.
He sees our barely opening eye,
our faint wondering,
our hunger for wholeness,
and in one unsuspecting moment,
with a sudden thrust of heart,
he pulls us into His Arms.

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