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Hugh Prather

There is no fear greater
than the fear of being happy.
There is no reluctance more deeply seated
than the unwillingness to see all faults
and sins as simply mistakes.

Spiritual Quotatons

Who could honestly denounce another
if it was admitted that all he had done
was make a mistake?
Instead, the other is seen
as selfish and internally dark,
a thing unworthy of life,
to be attacked and weakened.

Spiritual Healing

To have any hope of happiness,
we must first recognize those times
we are afraid
of the innocence of others.
They are the same moments
as when we ourselves
resist feeling gentle and free.
We mistakenly believe
that our sense of self-worth
comes from how we compare to others,
and that to see them as innocent
would reflect badly on us.

Spiritual Quotatons

So we remain hard and exacting
in order not to allow
any evidence of guilt
to go unnoticed.
But our fear of the sinlessness
of what God has created
also leaves no possibility
of recognizing our own
inherent worthiness.

Inspirational Quotations

Let us therefore practice
genuine self-interest.
Let us renounce anxiety
and try in its place
an experiment in kindness.

from "The Quiet Answer" by Hugh Prather

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