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Inner Guidance & Mysticism

Oneness is a substance,
like fine wine;
and it is harvested in the mind.
You start with an intention:
to join with the sacred place
in another being.
And then you just do it.

Spiritual Inspiration

It can be someone near
or someone miles away.
Either will do.
Do you think God knows what distance is?
Of course not. God's eye contains
all of the universe in one sweep.
Many of you ask:
But how can I join with someone
who has injured me?
You think: if I join silently with this one,
am I not asking to be hurt again?
Put this thought away forever.
When a flower offers pollen to a bee
does it underwrite the bee's sting?
Hardly! What the flower's gift does
is empower new honey.

Spiritual Inspiration

Risk your beliefs
about how this world works.
Join with someone in your heart.
Doing this one thing
invites heaven into your life
and makes the journey home lighter
and less arduous
for every living being.

Spiritual Inspiration

It's not a hard thing to do, joining,
once you see it's the Truth.
You are the green in my blue.
I am the blue in your green.
And God uses us
to paint His rainbow.

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