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Self Improvement & Mysticism
How do we grow?

If you can accept the concept
that we are here to remember
we are divine
-despite all contrary evidence-
and that, just for now, we are
briefly cast in these human bodies;
if you can enfold that into your heart-
then do not quarrel
with the lessons sent.

spiritual awakening

Yes, you will be surprised
a thousand and one times
in a thousand and one ways,
and your teachers will come
in a thouand and one disguises.

spiritual awakening

But if you follow the thread
in front of you at any moment,
you will discover
it is always placed there
as a tool for awakening
into unending Light,
so that you can have a taste
of borderless Love.
And following that,
serve it to others.

spiritual awakening

There is simply
no other agenda in Heaven.
There is no other Plan
in God's heart.

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