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Spirituality & Mysticism
Evidence of God

I saw something recently
that sent a sudden whisper
into my soul
about the amazingness
and sheer generosity of God.

Spiritual Guidance

I had a chance to witness
a pair of healing hands,
side by side, hands without pretense,
designed by an unerring Architect,
shaped by living and learning
and used by a loving spirit
with a vast consciousness of good.
These hands were, quite simply,
a work of art;
there was no mistaking
-not even for a moment-
Who had created them.

Spiritual Love

And I can't help but think
when I see something as transfusing
as a strong, capable,
incandescent hand,
one that seems unusually informed
by Divine Light,
that there is never a need
to doubt the Grace of God
or the fact that Divine Order
has a firm hold on things,
and always will.
Yes, always will,
no matter what chaos appears
to hold sway over our lives
at this moment.

Divine Guidance

For me, seeing those hands
offered a split-second
reminder of Heaven.
A brief taste of God's
divine & splendid magic.
Hasn't such a reminder come
once or twice to you?
I'm sure it has.

Spiritual Healing

Beause right here
in our dusty, flawed little world;
there a million -no- a trillion
living and holy wonders;
all of them whisper of God,
some even sing of Him.
And I fervently hope
you encounter one today.

Spiritual Guidance

I hope you see a talking tree,
or a simple weed dancing,
or a cloud shaped like a face,
or a smile that speaks of heaven.

Spiritual Growth

As for me, what I saw was
one pair of healing hands,
close up and beautiful.
And, really, that's all it takes
for my heart to know
that He is Real
and He is Here
and He is Love.

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