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Inner Guidance & Mysticism
Facing the Faceless

Here and there in our journey
home to Consciousness,
we get cruel reminders
that this dream we are dreaming
is a nightmare.
Now is one such moment.

Spiritual Consciousness

We have all been greeted by
the faceless face of hatred,
which acts without mercy or vision,
defending its own primeval fears.
The beings who struck at us
are miles and miles from awareness.
Their vision is stone blind;
for they are deeply, deeply asleep,
trapped in a metaphor of rage,
exuding toxic rain. Rejoicing in death.

Spiritual Consciousness

So how do we pray here?
We do what we must do
to search out the dark spots,
and in the same instant
we ask The One
to open all sleeping eyes
to the reality of Love.
Why do we do that?
Because we know by now, don't we?
that no one who is awake to bliss
has any need
to serve the fruits of rage.

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