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I'm a sheep. I'm very quiet.
My hair's so cute that people buy it.
In all my years inside my fence,
I've gained profound experience.
So just to help you as you go,
I'm sharing everything I know.
Here are the rules I strive to keep
in order to be a perfect sheep.

Put your faith in what you see;
that is my philosophy.
Never question. Never ask.
Just keep to your appointed task.

Everyone knows the world is flat,
and fences mark where the edge is at.
And God, of course, looks like a lamb.
That is why they call him Ram.
Bi-peds are fine, but He loves us more.
They only got two legs -- we got four.
Yes, He's good to us unless we're bad --
that always makes Him raving mad.
(I wish that I could have a nickle
for every time that God's been fickle.)

So trust what you're told
come hell or high water,
and try to do just what you oughter.
Always listen to your betters,
and stick to your higher purpose:

Never wander from the crowd --
independence is not allowed.
Our owners would never kill or sell us.
(We know because that's what they tell us.)
All of us sheep look better bare--
that is why they cut our hair.
And they promised us that when we die,
we won't end up in Shepherd's pie.

Pulling the wool over my eyes
makes me healthy, wealthy and wise.
How do I know these things are true?
'Cause the other sheep believe them too.

I believe in bad. I believe in good.
I believe in can't. I believe in should.
I believe in grass. I believe in sheep.
I believe in shears. I believe in sleep.
Everything else is just a theory;
thinking about it makes me weary.

Yet sometimes I get a crazy dream
that things are different than they seem
In fact sometimes when I'm fast asleep
I start to feel I'm not a sheep!
And when that happens, out of the blue,
peculiar thoughts start coming through.

Like maybe my senses
are actually fences.
And maybe my griefs
mostly come from beliefs.
And that possibly I
am connected with sky.
Or that actual protection
is Inner Direction.
And that if I could See
I'd be totally free.

But when these crazy
thoughts are through,
I remind myself
I'm only ewe.

How about it? Are you like me?
Neatly fenced off from Reality?
Are you busy become food for dinner?
are you listening
to Something Inner?

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