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Inspirational Quotes

Imagine a child
sleeping next to its parents
and dreaming it is being beaten
or is painfully sick.
The parents cannot help
the child no matter
how much it suffers....

Inspirational Quotes

If the child could awaken itself,
it could be freed of this
suffering automatically.

Spiritual Quotations

In the same way,
one who realizes that
his own Mind is Buddha,
frees himself instantly
from sufferings arising
from the ceaseless change
of birth and death.
If a Buddha could prevent it,
do you think he would allow
even one sentient being
to fall into hell?

Inspirational Quotations

What is obstructing realization?
Nothing but your own
half-hearted desire for truth.
Think of this and exert yourself
to the utmost.

Bassui Zenji

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