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by Hui Neng

Inspirational Quotes

It happened one day
that three Bikkhus
were taking a walk
in the morning sun.
As they strolled along
chatting amiably,
they passed by a pennant
blowing in the wind.
The first Bikkhu paused and said,
"Look at that --
the wind is in motion."

Hui Neng

"No, no, no."
said the second Bikkhu.
"As any fool can tell,
it is the pennant
that is in motion."

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"But you are entirely wrong,"
insisted the first Bikkhu,
who was getting a little irate.
"It is the wind that is moving.
I can feel it."

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replied the second Bikkhu,
"all you need do
is look and you can tell
that the motion comes
from the pennant."

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For several minutes
the argument continued
along these lines,
with each man
insisting he was right.
Finally, the third Bikkhu
-- who had been silent
all during this dialogue
-- spoke up.

Hui Neng

"Dear friends! I am afraid
you are both mistaken,"
he said gently.
"what actually is moving
is your own mind."

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