Inner Peace
Notes on Joy & Inner Peace by Elsa Joy Bailey

Spiritual Growth
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Have you ever had a day that was all
grunge and growl and no ice cream cones?
Sure you have; so have I.
Let me tell you about one of mine.

spiritual inspiration

What I remember most
about this particular day is that
nothing seemed to fit.
The morning arrived too early.
I overcame that, but when I arrived at work
I was given a new assignment:
a knotty one, which was impossibly
uneasy and awkward.
It was a task for which I had no inspiration,
something I plain didn't want to do.
And everyone in the office seemed sour,
as though they had overdosed on lemonade.

Inner Peace

I did close my eyes briefly
in an attempt to remember
they were holy creatures,
but it was a cursory overture.
When I opened my eyes people were still
futzing around in an unhappy way
and the harmony was, well, absent.

Spiritual Growth

I began doing the unfortunate assigment,
sighing heavily the way people do
when they are certain that happiness
is an entirely alien concept.

Spiritual Guidance

By lunch I was ready for help.
I took my cafeteria tray outside,
found a bench under a tree,
and sat there alone,
watching a troop of high-energy ants
march meaningfully along a cement curb.
I noticed that to an ant,
nearly everything is an obstacle.
After all, they're miniscule.

Personal Growth

My spot under the tree was very peaceful,
rich with inspiration and hope,
and eventually I began to wonder
why I had spent all morning
looking at life with such small eyes.
I thought, look at this!
when the ego is in play,
our vision is as small as ant eyes
staring at pebbles
and seeing boulders.
That's exactly what I had been doing:
staring at pebbles and seeing boulders.

Inner Peace

So I closed my eyes and remembered
that the bench, the tree, the ants,
the day, the office, the work
were not outside of me,
instead -- they were elements
contained in my infinite self.
And then I felt a flood of peace
chase through my arteries.

Personal Growth

As soon as the peace struck home,
I decided to accept the ants as innocent.

Spiritual Growth

When I went back upstairs to my desk,
I was wearing different eyes:
no judging, no blaming,
no searching for molehills
to make into mountains.
No peering at events through a frown.
No squinting.

Inner Guidance

It is a far, far easier way to look at things.
As I removed the strictures from my seeing,
everything around me seemed to sigh and relax
and settle into a cool, easy pace.

Spiritual Inspiration

Later that afternoon,
someone in our group decided on a whim
to go get ice cream for everyone.
So towards the end of the day,
there we all were,
scooping out heaping platefuls
of ice cold inspiration,
joshing and kidding around
as though we were all 12
and it was recess.

Spiritual Inspiration

I thanked the ants for the lesson.

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